Throughout the last 25 years, EOP Education, or the EOP Foundation, has conducted the entire seminar or seminar modules for Office of Personnel Management (OPM) program managers at their Eastern Management Development Center, their Western Management Development Center, and at the Federal Executive Institute. EOP Education has also designed and conducted courses for other federal departments such as DOE and the VA as well as private sector institutions. 

Our custom curriculum achieves learning outcomes targeted by agencies and evaluated by participants to ensure the courses continue to achieve the highest levels of success. One recent example is the addition of online, digital course content developed for the OPM Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate Program..

EOP Education staff and its expert contractor's capability include:

  • Researching, writing, and publishing textbooks that are used by the Federal government as training aids for the seminars and modules that we teach. They are also utilized in graduate level programs in academia.

  • Conducting complete courses and seminars, inclusive of providing program management services and specialized development and content delivery.

  • Conducting training via 'bring your own device' (BYOD) format. EOP Education participated in OPM's BYOD pilot program for the effective writing seminar. EOP has the resources available to conduct training through a portal where participants bring a laptop (or other device, such as a tablet) to class in order to access all of the course materials and presentations.

  • Content expert contractors, comprised of former career and political senior executives from the Federal government are available (upon request) to fill in for cancelations or staff individual modules in preexisting courses that OPM or other agencies currently offer.

EOP Education's presentations are policy driven and reflect our years of experience at the highest levels of the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Our specialties include: budget formulation, justification, execution, and performance; effective writing emphasizing preparing government personnel how to organize and write the unique written instruments to facilitate government decision-making as well as process related and technical considerations associated with government; ethics policy; regulatory policy; energy policy; executive decision-making; diversity policy; interface between political and career personnel; and environmental policy.

EOP Education's instructors manage and teach modules seamlessly as a team. This is a key marketing edge in that we are capable to respond to changing module requirements immediately; thus, ensuring that the module's learning result is achieved. Our staff has taught together for years. This additional value to our business model ensures that our client can substitute training requirements and re-order modules and be confident that we have personnel to respond. This capability results in efficiencies and the capability to customize specific learning outcomes sought by those we contract with. 

EOP's instructors are comprised of current and former federal executives from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), departmental political and career senior executives from the Executive Branch, former Congressman, and high-level Congressional committee staff. EOP Education's network is extensive and makes it possible to manage and make presentations to several seminars simultaneously. The importance of our personnel is their experience and credibility in the Government inclusive of the Executive and Congressional Branches, both career and political senior executives. Our personnel also boasts academics and private sector executives with government experience. 

We have staff trained to submit bids on any RFP you release within the timeframe identified and pricing requirements. EOP Education will also customize its presentations to meet a department's specific needs and specifications. EOP has developed curriculum and designed learning outcomes that are evaluated by participants to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding their expectations while achieving government articulated objectives. 

EOP is able to subcontract for a variety of specialty seminars. 

Our current course capabilities include:

  1. Effective Government Writing

  2. Federal Budget Policies & Processes

  3. Budget Scoring and Processes

  4. Federal Regulatory Policy & Process

  5. Federal Ethics Policy

  6. Federal Diversity Policy

  7. Federal Budget Performance Integration

  8. Interface between Federal Career & Political Executives

  9. Environmental Policy of the U. S. Government

  10. Integrating Global Climate Change Policy in Federal Programs

  11. Executive Branch Media Training

  12. Environmental Justice Policy & Public-Private Interactions

  13. Speechwriting for Government Executives

  14. Executive Branch Decision-Making

  15. Challenges Associated with Implementing Federal Credit Programs

  16. Coalition Building in the U.S. Government

  17. Integrating Alternative Energy Strategy in Federal Programs